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What is the IPL photoepilation?

The photoepilation is the most recent, safe and effective way for a long-lasting hair removal.  It's appropriate for any zone on the body, no matter if the area on the skin is big or small. IPL is served by equipment using intense pulses on non-coherent light.


The energy is absorbed by the hair's pigmentation (the melanine) where it's transformed to heat. It goes down through the hair's stem and goes to the follicle. It gets warm and eventually's destroyed without damaging the skin in that area.  That's what the experts call "selective photothermolysis".

An important notice from dr. Akrish:

The desired zone on the skin should be perfectly shaved prior to the IPL treatment.

5 to 7 treatments in a period of 20-30 days are needed for a effect that will last between 2 and 4 years.



  • For under-18's

  • For people with any heart deseases, pace makers, blood pressure permanently above normal leves and infectious skin deseases

  • For people with hormonal deseases

  • For pregnat or brestfeeding women and women in their period

  • To be applied close to the tyroid's area, one's upper eyelid, eyelashes, eyebrows and male's reproductive organs

  • 15 days before and after imposing to sunlight, solarium or sunless tannig

  • To be applied on a zone with permanent make-up or a tattoo

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Rejuvenation of ageing skin

What is the RF lifting?

The radio frequency lifting is amongst the most advanced nonsergical methods for rejuvenating your skin as it can remove even the finest wrinkles. That happens thanks to the fact the radio waves are penetrating deep into the skin where they stimulate the fibroblasts - the cells that produce collagen.

When radio waves reach the water mollecules inside the skin they start throbbing which generates heat up to 72 degrees Celsius. This activates the dermic layer of the collagen fibres and makes them regenerating over a long period of time.

After this the treated zone cools down and the collagen matures and creates a strong grid which makes the skin more ellastic and smooths the wrinkles. The waves of light make the skin softer, stronger and makes it look younger. It also enhances the blood circulation and that gives the skin more oxygen and helps it to get rid of toxins and carbon dioxide faster.

RF lifting can be applied all over the body. The treatments takes about 20 to 30 min. It's completely painless and there's no recovery - you can return to your daily life rhythm straight away.


Dr. Akrish advices you:

It takes about 4-6 treatments, one each 7 days, to make the effect lasting 2-6 months.

It is reccomended you use a sunscreen and not getting exposed to heat at places like saunas and spa after the treatment.


  • People with sun and light allergy

  • Pregnant women and ones that are currently breastfeeding

  • Women on their period

  • Women with ovarian cysts

  • Diabetics

  • People with heart issues

  • People with hypertension

  • People with epilepsy

  • People affected by skin cancer

  • Ones with a pace maker or a defibrillator

  • People who have a damage on their skin at the zone they desire to be treated


Removing spider vains

How it works?

When treating spider vains the IPL deviece works with high-frequency on very small zones. The 30 MHz electromagnetic vibration gets to the vains thanks to the thinner than a hair nozzle and the precise digital control. Every single millisecond the vibration gets though the hemoglobine which makes it move towards the skin surface. In turn this makes the spider vains disappear.

The treatment is simple, fast and effective. It takes up to 15 minutes for a long-lasting effect.

Dr. Akrish is warning you:


If a second treatment of the same area is needed, it can be done after at least 3 to 4 weeks.

After the treatment the skin can get a light reddness in that area but it will desappear in an hour or two, depending on skin type. Sometimes a light tickling can also be felt in the first 30 to 60 min. after.


Due to the fact it can take about 10 days after the treatment for a full effect it is advised you don't expose your skin to the sun or get indoor tanning in that period. Use a sunscreen when going out.

Will NOT be executed on:

  • People under 18 or over 50 years of age

  • People suffering from a heart disease, ones with pace makers, high blood pressure and infectious skin diseases

  • Pregnant women, ones brestfeeding at the time or women in their period

  • People suffering a vascular disease

  • People suffering from thrombosis or thrombophlebitis

  • Individuals who underwent a transplantation

  • Indivituals with metal implants

  • Diabetics

  • Epileptics

  • Individuals during or after anticoagulant, antihypertensive or hormonal therapy


Treating acne

What are the methods of treating acne?

Traditionally doctors will prescribe antibiotic, retinoid or hormonal therapy, pilling and many others. Unfortunatelly these could lead to an irritated skin and could take a long time for any effect. The most recent trend though is using IPL.

What's IPL's effect on the treated area?

The emitted light is transformed to heat thanks to a photochemical reaction. The skin warming is what stimulates the restorative process. The bloodflow enhances which reflects on the skin's nutrition, sebaceous glands function and the local immunity. 

What you'll feel during the treatment?

It's a pleasent and a comfort one. After it the skin is warm and a bit high-coloured for about 15 minutes.

What are the expected results from the treatment?

  • soothing the inflammatory lesions

  • normalised greasing

  • enhanced skin elasticity

  • the treatments do not damage the skin or leave any marks on it

How many tratments will it take and how often?

Treating acne may take a lot of effort and time.

  • one treating lasts about 20-30 min.

  • it will take up to 5 or 6 treatings

  • each treating should be at least 2 or 3 weeks after the previous one


Treating skin pigmentation disorders

What will the phototherapy do?

The IPL device sucessfully affects on darker skin patches with no negative effects on the good skin around. This is thanks to the fact the darker spots are richer in melanin. When the light reaches it it turns to heat and that destroys the pigment cells. It can also give some nice side effects like removing spider vains, wrinkles enlarged pores, roughness and looseness of the skin, hair.

When is best to undergo this treatment?

It's advised this kind of therapy to be done during the autumn, the winter or the spring. That's because the skin shouldn't be tanned. If you have a light skin and you don't have been exposing to the sun and you don't plan to do it, the treating can be do in the summer, too.

When the first effects appear?

You'll get a nice result after the very first treating and with each following treatment the effect will get more and more visible.

How woud you feel after the treating?

Right after it the skin will be warm and a bit high-tonned, but will get back to normal within minutes. Higher intensity gives greater results faster but can lead to side effets. It may lead to some purple spots and/or a slight edema that will naturally disappear within some hours or up to a couple of days.

  • a treatment takes 20-30 min.

  • there should be a span of 2 weeks after each treating

  • it usually takes between 4 and 8 treatings

Dr. Akrish advises you:

3 months after the treating you must use a sunscreen every time you go out or the pigmentation disorder may appear again or even may intensify.

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