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KALINITY is a studio with its' main goal being offering various IPL aestetic and therapeutic treatments.

Offering our clients the highest quality service is very important for us. That's why we rely on a Doctor of Medicine and top-notch equipment, making our treatments safe, qualitative and enjoyable.

Registered in Switzerland, KALINITY aims at offering Swiss quality in downtown Sofia at an affordable price. Our studio at 22A P. Parchevich str. is the cozy place where dr. Olga Akrish will take care of your health, appearance and confidence.


KALINITY is offering you the unique opportunity to book an appointment with just a few clicks. Get familiar with the treatments we're offering and then choose the time and date that suits you the best.

You can also get some free tips from dr. Akrish through our contact form.


Dr. Olga Akrish was born in Moldova but her schooling and work was all in Bulgaria. After graduating from high-school in Vratsa she became Doctor of Medicine at the Sofia Medical University. She started working at the biggest obstetric-gynecological hospital in Sofia. Since 2018 Olga is the main figure in the KALINITY team and we're relying on her expertise and experience for taking care for our clients' beauty and health.


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